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Hostel Charges Per Year (Including Boarding, Lodging) 2016-17

Admission Fees One Time (Non Refundable) 6000
Triple Seater with Common Bathroom / quadruple Chummery with attached Bathroom 69000
Triple Seater with attached Bathroom 78000
Double Seater with Common Bathroom 78000
Double Seater with Attached Bathroom 87000
A.C. Double Seater with Attached Bathroom. Electricity charges will be metered & payable @ Rs 5 per Unit from the room 96000
Day Boarding (Tea, Lunch & Tea) & relaxing chair in dormitory 24000
In case any student desires to have an Air (water) cooler facility in the room the same shall be provided if all occupants agree to the same @500/- per month for each occupants. Minimum charge for one month will be charged. Maintenance & fillings of water will be responsibility of student.
All Students admitted in the Hostel Must Have A Local Guardian. However if the same is not possible the parents must provide the copy of cashless mediclaim policy of student to cover all incidental medical expenses in case of any emergency. In case the its not provided by the parent the institute will get the mediclaim policy and charge will be levied. 2,000
No student is allowed to wash or iron clothes in the Hostel. Subscription to subsidized laundry service is compulsory in the hostels. 2,000
Transport Charges    
From Dehradun City to Institute Per Year 11500
From Premnagar to Institute Per Year 8500
From Selaqui to Institute Per Year 2000
All Charges are for 2016-17 only. Prices may be revised not exceeding 10% each year subject to prevailing market condition & inflation.