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Important Notice GDPI

Day Boarding Facility

Day Boarding Facility for MBA/PGDM Students (For Local Students only): Shall be availed at a nominal charge of Rs. 7000/trimester (for PGDM) or Rs. 10000/semester (for MBA). During the last semester/trimester of the course, charges of Rs. 3500/trimester or Rs. 5000/semester shall apply.

The Day Boarding facility shall include the following:

Tea: 10:40-11.00 am; Unlimited Tea/Coffee
Lunch: Specified Lunch Hours
Evening Tea and Snacks: 4.40-5.00 PM
Lockers and Common Rooms

Note: Activity Club Membership for a minimum of two clubs is mandatory (this shall include one Hobby Club and one Intellectual club). Charges for the clubs shall be extra as decided by the student body.