PGDM- Global

Estimated Cost of PGDM-Global 2019-21
At Doon Business School-Global

  Bank loan purpose only

For General Candidate

FEES I Install. II Install. III Install. IV Install. V Install. VI Install.
Admission Fees 50,000          
Composite cost of education including Tuition Fees, Compulsory Value Added Programs, Employability Training Support, Examination Fees & Industrial Visits 107,500 107,500 107,500 114,500 114,500 114,500
Security (Refundable)     10,000      
TOTAL 1,57,500 1,07,500 1,17,500 1,14,500 1,14,500 1,14,500
For Female & Candidate of Uttarakhand Domicile after Scholarship
TOTAL 1,46,750 96,750 1,06,750 1,03,050 1,03,050 1,03,050
Alumni Registration (Other Compulsory Charges)       1,500    
Other Incidental Optional Expenses (Not part of DBSG Fees)
Charges for Uniform Dress Camp 8,800          
Book Bank EET Library 4,500     4,500    

Laptops are compulsory in class. Students are expected to have their own laptop.
*The above statement is issued on request of the students & all charges are not part of DBS fees.

All disputes of any nature are under exclusive jurisdiction of courts, forums and arbitration in Dehradun only.