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Learning experience in a business school can and should never be restricted to academic classroom learning but rather focus on all round development of students.

Every year students join DBS from all parts of the country and abroad, hence, bringing in values and interests from several different cultures. Enrolling for a club of their choice and organizing interesting activities throughout the year provides them an opportunity to know their peers better, learn to work in a team, under time and budget constraints.

In myriad ways, it provides them a flavour of executing/organizing events and eventually, learn management lessons while having fun. More than 20 active clubs across diverse areas of stock markets, sports, cultural and communications help students learn new skills by organizing activities themselves under the guidance of faculty mentors. Active participation keeps the campus buzzing with activities throughout the year.

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"In accordance with the latest Govt. guideline the institute authorities at Doon Business School Group decided to call off the GDPI Scheduled at different locations till 30th May 2020. All Enrolled candidates will be interviewed via Skype/Zoom (Online mode)".