PGDM- Global


Approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India PGDM Global at Doon Business School, Dehradun is an innovative and exciting course for a real global exposure. Students get an opportunity to gain an invaluable exposure, experience and practical knowledge by travelling, studying and experiencing foreign countries including certification at Institute like IIM’s in India during their education of 2 Year. An experienced mentor is specially assigned for the students to take care of all concerns, academics and beyond, if any.


  • Dehradun - A Safe, Beautiful & Cosmopolitan Education City.
  • Bundle of Industry Integrated Value Added Certificates.
  • Students from 23 States & 5 Countries on campus.
  • Degree from Govt. Universities.
  • Multiple Placements for all.
  • More than 70 Companies for Campus Placement.
  • Possibilities of International Exposure.
  • Separate in campus Girls & Boys hostels with Modern Sporting & Gym facilities.
  • 23.5 Lacs p.a. highest placement in 2017-18 batch.

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Life @ DBS PGDM Global



PGDM Global students are offered dual specializations in

  • • Marketing
  • • Finance
  • • Human Resource Management
  • • International Business.

Further unique super specializations in functional domain are offered :

  • International Logistics Management
  • Global Project Management
  • Manufacturing Engineering Management
  • Media & Entertainment Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Energy Management
  • Management of Luxury Brands
  • Retail Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Social-Media-Marketing


In continuance of the PGDM Global programme as a part of the curriculum each PGDM Global student will receive the following additional Certificates proving that the skill level is equivalent to the industry benchmarked level.

  • SAP Certification from DBS-SAP (University Alliance)
  • NISM Certification by NSE (Stocks & Shares)
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • CII Certificate on International Logistics
  • Certificate course on E-commerce
  • Luxury Brand Marketing/Retail Marketing
  • French Language Certification
  • Orientation Big Data, Advance Excel & SPSS
  • Art of Living Youth Programme
  • Certification of Social Media Marketing – only for Marketing
  • Online Recruiter Certificate Program
  • NISM Certificate on Derivatives – only for Finance
  • Computerized Accounting Tally ERP-9.0
  • Certificate on Insurance and Risk Management
  • Foreign tour to Singapore/Dubai/South-East Asia or any other location
  • 36 Hrs Outdoor Leadership and Team Building Camps


The Programme carries the same curriculum and all the benefit of Regular PGDM+SAP and supports additional:

  • One week exposure in a developed country like Dubai/Singapore/Malaysia during the two year program.
  • Get 1 Week Certificate Programs from Top Management Institutes like IIM's etc.

Throughout the program, the students at Doon Business School experience holistic learning of cross-cultural sensitivities, real world experiences, the best of academic mentors both by foreign and Indian faculties, global industry visits, high-tech class rooms, international standard facilities including comfortable accommodation, Computer Lab, Online Library, Sports and Gym Facilities.

This program rightfully justifies the practical part of pursuing higher education in the area of Management. The students’ become cultural sensitive and have a broad approach to adaptability.

This program provides thoughtful understanding of how the global economy works and how organizations can best organize and operate in it. The program helps students become effective communicators and decision-makers with essential qualities of a leader. The curriculum is taught by world-class faculty. They use an engaged learning approach with case studies and discussions that stimulate class interaction.

For program details of PGDM+SAP Click Here.

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At DBS each student gets the opportunity to appear for more than 100 companies each year and each student is able to get the optimum placement deserved. In 2017-18 the maximum take home salary has been Rs.20.5 Lac & CTC 23.5 Lakhs. PGDM Global students are offered Mid-level Manager/Functional Expert/Consultant (Entry Level) profiles.

For more details on placements click here.

Comparison Chart of Deliverables for



Graduate degree in any discipline with Minimum 50% marks. Students with work experience will be given preference. Final year students awaiting results may also apply.

Course Structure

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management PGDM program is spread over a period of two years, divided into six trimesters. Each trimester is of 12 weeks duration in which each subject is taught in classrooms for 30 sessions each of one hour duration. All the papers in the first, second and third trimesters are compulsory. The student shall choose their Major and Minor Specialization at the end of their 3rd Trimester and shall take up summer training in the field of their Major Specialization. All Papers of Major specialization shall be compulsory, where as the student can choose two papers for their minor specialization in the IV and V Trimester and one in the sixth trimester. Thesis/Project work shall be done in the VI semester in the field of super specialisation.

Trimester I (8 Common)
SN Code Subject Name VAC Subject
1 PG101 Organisational Behaviour-I   Common
2 PG102 Managerial Accounting and Control - I- TALLY Common
3 PG103 Business Communication BEC Common
4 PG104 Managerial Economics (Microeconomics)   Common
5 PG105 Quantitative Techniques – I   Common
6 PG106 Operations Management –I   Common
7 PG107 CAB-SAP-ERP-I   Common
8 PG108 Elementary French ½ Credit   Common
9 PG208 Business News Analysis & Review ½ Credit   Common
Trimester II  (8 Common)
SN Code Subject Name VAC Subject
1 PG201 Organisational Behaviour-II   Common
2 PG202 Managerial Accounting and Control –II TALLY Common
3 PG203 Financial Management I   Common
4 PG204 Macroeconomics   Common
5 PG205 Quantitative Techniques – II   Common
6 PG206 Marketing Management – I   Common
7 PG207 CAB- SAP-ERP-II   Common
8 PG208 Business News Analysis & Review ½ Credit   Common
9 PG108 Elementary French ½ Credit   Common
Trimester III  (8 Common)
SN Code Subject Name VAC Subject
1 PG301 Management Information System BIG DATA Common
2 PG302 Research Methods   Common
3 PG303 Financial Management – II   Common
4 PG304 Human Resource Management   Common
5 PG305 Marketing Management– II   Common
6 PG306 Operations Management-II   Common
7 PG307 CAB-SAP-ERP-III   Common
8 PG308 Financial Institutions & Capital Market NISM Common
Trimester IV (2 Common, 3 Major, 2 Minor) 7
SN Code Subject Name VAC Subject
1 PG401 Business Environment (Indian & World Economy)   Common
2 PG402 Strategic Management   Common
3 PG-M-404 Consumer Behaviour   Minor
4 PG-M-405 Sales & Distribution Management   Minor
5 PG-M-406 Product & Brand Management   Major
3 PG-F-404 Securities & Portfolio Analysis   Minor
4 PG-F-405 International Finance   Major
5 PG-F-406 Corporate Tax & Planning   Minor
3 PG-H-404 Performance Management   Major
4 PG-H-405 Training & Development   Minor
5 PG-H-406 Human Resource Planning & Recruitment   Minor
3 PG-IB-404 Import Export Management   Minor
4 PG-IB-405 International Documentation System   Minor
Trimester V (2 Common 3 Major, 1 Minor, 1 SIPR) 7
SN Code Subject Name VAC Subject
1 PG501  SIPR (Summer internship Project Report)   Common
2 PG502 Business Law   Common
3 PG503 SAP SCM/HCM/FICO   Common
4 PG-M-501 Advertising and Sales Promotion   Major
5 PG-M-502 Marketing Research   Major
6 PG-M-503 Marketing of Services Minor
4 PG-F-501 Insurance & Risk Management   Minor
5 PG-F-502 Financial Derivatives  NISM - FD Major
6 PG-F-503 Financial Services   Major
4 PG-H-501 Industrial Relations & Labor Laws   Major
5 PG-H-502 Social Security & labor Welfare   Minor
6 PG-H-503 International Human Resource Management   Major
4 PG-IB-501 International Logistics Management   Minor
Trimester VI (2 Common, 3 Major, 1 Minor, 1 CIS) 7
SN Code Subject Name VAC Subject
1 PG 601 Total Quality Management & Six Sigma  Six Sigma Green Belt Common
2 PG 602 Project Management & ED   Common
3 PG-M-601 Consumer Relationship Management   Major
4 PG-M-602 Retail Marketing   Major
5 PG-M-603 Social Media Marketing   Minor
3 PG-F-601 Investment & Merchant Banking   Major
4 PG-F-602 Mergers and Acquisitions   Major
5 PG-F-603 Micro Finance Management   Minor
3 PG-H-601 Compensation Management   Major
4 PG-H-602 Organizational Development and Change   Minor
5 PG-H-603 Corporate Leadership   Major
5 PG-IB-602 Cross Cultural Business Environment   Minor
6 PG-P-604 CIS (Course Of Independent Studies)   Common