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At Doon Business School, for withdrawal from any facility, the student and the parent of the student, is required to apply for withdrawal. Refund of fees/charges shall be considered as per the following policies of Doon Business School Group.

Academic Fee

  • For a student seeking refund before the stipulated date of admission closure, entire fees paid will be refunded. However, Rs. 1000/- will be deducted towards processing charges.
  • For a student seeking refund after the stipulated date of admission closure, ‘No Refund’, except Security Amount (after adjusting all valid dues) will be admissible. In addition to this, Rs. 1000/- will be deducted towards processing charges.
  • The Stipulated date of admission closure for 2017-18 shall be as follows:
    • 21st June 2017 - PGDM + SAP / Global PGDM
    • 21st June 2017 - MBA + BASE / MBA / MBA-IB / MA Masscom / MAM / BBA / BCA / BCom / BA Masscom B.Sc. Agri / B.Sc. Forestry
  • Students after having confirmed their admissions and subsequently paid part fees of Rs. 25000/- and have sought extensions, for any purpose, for payment of fees above the additional amount(which has been pledged for extension of the last date of fee payment), the amount will be forfeited if not able to pay balance fees in time.

    For AICTE circular for Refund Policy Click here


  • Hostel fee will be charged on a yearly basis. No student will be allowed to withdraw hostel facilities during the year in normal circumstances.
  • For a student seeking refund before the commencement of the academic session, hostel charges will be refunded after deducting the admission fees.
  • Under extra ordinary circumstances ( At the discretion of the management) , for a student seeking to vacate the hostel after commencement of a course or has been asked to vacate due to disciplinary action,  within first six months will have to pay minimum six months charges at the monthly rate.  Students seeking refund after Six months, actual monthly rate will be applicable and the balance will be proportionately refunded.

BASE Program Refund

BASE program or any other certification is optional and voluntary. However if the student having subscribed for the program before the start of the semester withdraws from the program, the entire fees for the certifications shall be refunded.

However no withdrawal or refund will be entertained after 7 days of the official date of registration / Re-registration for the semester.

Uniform Rules and Charges

  • Uniform Rules: Students are required to be in proper uniform on all prescribed uniform days. Any student found without uniform inside the institute may be returned back from the gate. However, on the request of the student, the Discipline Committee, may permit such student to attend the classes, on payment of a penalty of Rs. 50/- for that one day, to be paid to the ‘Students’ Welfare Committee’
    Weekdays Dress Code
    Monday College Formal Uniform
    Tuesday College Formal Uniform
    Wednesday T Shirt/Sweat Shirt with Blue Jeans
    Thursday T Shirt/Sweat Shirt with Blue Jeans
    Friday Causal Dress
    Saturday Formal Dress
    Students are free to take the take the college uniform from any where they wish to procure. However the specification of the uniform should be exactly the same as that prescribed and displayed in the store office in the campus.

    To standardize the supply the institute has also made an arrangement with Dress Camp/Renuka Creation, dispensary road, Dehradun for supply of full set of I Winter Suit (Coat Pant- Raymonds/ Reid and Taylor / OCM), 2 Shirts, 1 Pant, 1 Tie, 1 Sweat Shirt (Hoody) at the subsidized rates of Rs. 7900/-
  • Each day Administrative Office along with two faculties and two students from Discipline committee will monitor the adherence to the Dress code at the entrance points of the college. Director Campus will assign the weekly duty of faculty on rotation basis. Violation of dress code each day will result in issuance of a contribution slip of Rs.50/- to be paid to the Student Welfare committee.

Book Bank Facilities

The Trust runs a charitable Book Bank Library for any / all student enrolled in any institute of the Trust or outside. Under the membership scheme students upon payment of one time membership fees are provided with the entire set of books for their full course ( All semesters / trimesters) for the entire tenure of that subject. The students return the books on completion of the semester and take a new set of books.

The helps in standardizing the teaching from top class books and the best authors. Also the students end up paying approximately ¼ of the cost of the books only.

The Scheme is voluntary and students are free to purchase their own books.

The one time membership fees for the EET library is Rs. 5000/ - only .

The terms and conditions Apply.