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B2C Sales: Managing Distribution Channels in Telecom

16th October, 2021

It was our pleasure hosting Mr. Vikramjeet Singh, General Manager-Sales & Marketing of Vodafone Idea Limited as our keynote speaker under our Industry Academia Connect Series (IACS) on October 16, 2021. Mr. Vikramjeet addressed all the management students of Doon Business School in his session titled "B2C Sales: Managing Distribution Channels in Telecom" and shared with the students the importance of having distribution channels in any company be it of Telecom, FMCG or Consumer Durable sector. He dwelled on various aspects of B2C Sales right from retailer management, distributors' key deliverables, inventory and investment norms to the sales force automation to build in efficiency in the entire process chain and ecosystem. He shared how these days a telecom retailer smartly uses software applications to know their stock positions, daily / weekly / fortnightly / monthly and yearly target vs. achievements, promotional

schemes of the company etc. which is resulting in improvement in retailers' efficiency and enhanced productivity. He clarified students on the difference between telecom and fmcg distribution channel management and on a concluding note exhorted every student to work on honing their leadership skills and to remain resilient in any adverse situation, being ambitious and adaptable to change to excel in the business world.

It was indeed a pleasure listening to the industry perspectives and insights of Mr. Vikramjeet Singh.

Banking Conclave

09th October, 2021

Photo- From Right to Left (Dr Nitin Balwani – Campus Director, Director-DBSG & Professor (Finance))

Doon Business School Global, Dehradun. Abhishek Sharma – Corporate Banker – Axis Bank – Uttarakhand, Mr. Hemant Bhatia – Co -Founder Affinity Financial Associates Former Insurance Manager Star Health Insurance, Mr.Adesh Shukla - CEO Investor First (Wealth Management Company) former Branch Head, ICICI Bank Ltd,Prof. Neha Kukrety-Assistant Professor Finance and Economics (Doon Business School, Dehradun) -At Banking Conclave – Doon Business School, Dehradun Uttarakhand on 09th October 2021),

The representatives from banking and insurance industry got together to discuss the banking and insurance sector, confronting issues in the said industry, competition, growth,assets,NPAs, retail and corporate products under banking and insurance sector. The discussion led to torch the insight of students in the financial service sector – growth, opportunities and challenges from the lens of Banking, Insurance, Loans and Investment Instruments Our first speaker Mr. Bhatia introduced to students, the insurance industry -types of products, coverage of insurance products in Indian markets, challenges faced by insurance manager and opportunities they score in the surroundings.

Mr. Abhishek Sharma, our second speakers took the students through the retail and corporate loans and funding under PSL, SME and MSME funding. Mr. Sharma enlightened the students about the NPAs and RBI guidelines followed in the banking industry. Mr. Adesh Shukla did the entire hand holding of students for wealth and investment banking. The queries of students on retail, consumer, commercial, corporate, wholesale banking was addressed.

Dr Nitin BalwaniCampus Director, was another distinguished speaker of the day. With his extensive overview of the financial industry, he succeeded in putting forward key points which would help students understand the market and develop theoutcast environment in this field.

Prof Neha Kukrety, former bankermoderated the whole conclave and contributed actively by sharing her experience in banking industry.

A note of thanks was given by Dr Nitin Balwani to all our honorable guest speakers.

Guest Lecture on "Career in Insurance" by Ms. Jyoti Sukhla Sharma

30th September, 2021

"It was our pleasure hosting Ms. Jyoti Shukla Sharma, Head Zonal Recruitment & Development (North II), Max Life Insurance as our keynote speaker during our Industry Academia Connect Program (IACP) on Sept.30, 2021. Ms. Jyoti addressed the management students of Doon Business School in her session aptly titled “Career in Insurance" and shared the secret recipe of what it takes to be successful in the Insurance sector.

She gave a complete overview of the insurance sector and how it has been evolving over a period of time and how the digitization in the Insurance industry is increasing the overall efficiency and governance in day to day affairs . She highlighted that the Insurance industry is growing leaps and bounds and Covid 19 pandemic has made people realise more the importance of life insurance.

She vividly explained the role of an agency manager and how they go about achieving their business KPIs citing her own professional journey and successes. In her concluding remarks towards the end of session she exhorted all the budding business leaders to imbibe and build on active listening and consultative selling skills besides being compassionate in dealing with customers as that's the mantra to succeed in the Insurance sector".

Guest Speaker Mr. Sandeep Gupta

23th September, 2021

It was a pleasure hosting Mr. Sandeep Gupta, Senior Manager- Retail Outlet and Institutional Sales, Bikanervala Foods Pvt. Mr. Gupta apprised the management students of Doon Business School with the "Navigating career in Retail" .He gave a complete overview of Retail operations including Marketing, logistics, operations, Visual Merchandising, customer care. He stressed upon store operations relating to pilferages, inventory management, customer interaction and category management at retail shelf plays in faster offtake of brand from the shelf. He emphasized communication skills besides being empathetic to customer’s needs and its fulfilment much to their satisfaction and delight as any business is in existence and is thriving because of a customer.

Our heartfelt gratitude to you for sharing your valuable perspectives and insights on the Retail Industry

A workshop on Psycho-Social Support for Covid Pandemic Condition

9th July, 2021

A workshop on on Psycho-Social Support for Covid Pandemic Condition (Covid Helper's Skills for Students Community) was organized by the Social Welfare Club of Doon Business School on 9th July 2021. The workshop has been conducted in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education ( MGNCRE), Department of Higher Education under Ministry of Education, GOI in promoting 'Swachhta'. The Workshop was conducted by Ms. Kiran Chandel, resource person, MGNCRE. The two hours workshop-oriented students on providing information and psychological support for Covid 19 affected patients. Students were motivated to collaborate in online/offline community services in the present pandemic. More than 250 students and faculty members have attended this online workshop. The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Pushpa Kataria and Dr. Navjyoti Singh Negi.

The burgeoning role of technology in shaping the world around us

14th June, 2021

It was a pleasure listening to Mr. Sanjay Negi, Delivery Director & Business Head-Financial Services, HCL Technologies who shared his thoughts on "The burgeoning role of technology in shaping the world around us" with our management students. His talks focussed on the influence technology has made on us, be it in our personal or professional lives. He touched upon various interesting aspects of technology, right from its evolution to the significance of data in our life, to the influence technology has made on all the domains of business viz. Finance, Marketing, HR, and Supply Chain and where technology will lead us to in the years 2030 and 2050. He said that in the days to come access to the internet would be the fundamental right of a citizen as it is currently in few nations of the world. He concluded his session by exhorting students to work on developing good technical (domain knowledge), communication, and interpersonal skills to be successful in the corporate world besides being a good team player.

Thank you so much for enlightening us with your thoughts and perspectives, Mr. Sanjay Negi.

Luxury Marketing: The Indian Imperative

4th May, 2021

It was a pleasure hosting Mr. Sachin Jain, Managing Director, De Beers India as our guest speaker during our Industry-Academia Connect Program. Mr. Jain shared his valuable thoughts on "Luxury Marketing: The Indian Imperative" with our management students. He gave a holistic view of the customer journey in the luxury retail segment and what it takes to excel in this niche segment, right from providing the customers best in-store experience to using the latest in technology viz. Smart POS, IoT, gamification, etc. in making customer journeys delightful and memorable. He harped on the need to strike an emotional connection with the customers as luxury marketing is a business of hearts and emotions. He highlighted the need of creating differentiators at every stage of the customer journey to generate customer interest and desire towards buying their brand.

Innovation, authenticity, personalization, and experience are the mantras for any business in this hyper-competitive world to succeed. His session culminated in him exhorting students to stay curious, be life-long learners and wear an entrepreneurial hat while working in any organization irrespective of its size, to succeed in the corporate world.

Our heartfelt gratitude to you for sharing your valuable perspectives and insights on luxury marketing, Sir.

Thank you so much for enlightening us with your thoughts and perspectives, Mr. Sanjay Negi.

Navigating Career in Retail

10th June, 2021

It was a pleasure listening to Mr. Naveen K. Singh, Category Head, Home Business, North Zone, Big Bazaar who enlightened the students of Doon Business School with his retail industry perspectives and insights. He dwelled on the topic "Navigating Career in Retail" highlighting what it takes to be a successful retailer and the skill sets an aspiring MBA must possess to get into the industry.

Thank you so much for enlightening us with your knowledge and wisdom.

Redefining FP&A - Process, Talent & Technology

3rd May, 2021

Mr. Vinu Venkatesh, Vice President / Leader, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) at Cognizant Technology Solutions, UK shared his thoughts on Financial Planning & Analysis with the postgraduate management students of Doon Business School.

He focused on global performance management and touched upon various aspects of challenges in managing organization performance across geographies. He took the students through the process of refinement of FP&A best practices to improve performance, minimize risk, and grow a global business. He elaborated on how Artificial Intelligence is changing the dynamics of the FP&A process and making it smoother real-time analytics tracking KPIs across business divisions and geographies.

Managing People as Leader

9th April, 2021

Have you experienced Worst Boss? What characteristics made them the worst boss? On the contrary, have you also experienced Best Boss? What made them the best boss? The webinar is about managing people as Leader - As a leader, we need to be aware of three pillars: how to lead self, lead business, and lead team. First, to lead self, we need to have a growth mindset and the hunger to constantly learning and polish our skills to prepare for the future. Second, to lead a business, regardless of what functions we are in (even in a support function such as Finance, HR, Procurement, etc.), it is imperative to understand the business model to contribute to achieving business strategy. Third, to lead a team, you need to set the direction and establish the team norms as a leader. Mr. Kurniawan further emphasizing on team members. According to him, your team member must understand the direction they are going to work together to achieve the same objectives.

As a good leader, you also need to be passionate about people. Be a good mentor for your team, allocate time to do 1on1 coaching, focusing on performance and personal development. Be a leader who multiplies other leaders, create a new pipeline of leaders in the organization. Lastly, understanding cultural differences, especially if you are working in a global company with many nationalities, is also key to being a global leader.

Digital Human Resource Development: Where are we? Where should we go, and how do we go there?"

7th April, 2021

The purpose of the webinar is to trace the evolution of HR_Technology interface leading up to the incorporation of the digital world in Human Resource Development's design thinking, strategizing and execution. Digital HR in terms of where it is now (degree of alignment between external demands and internal capabilities), where it should be (future-focused HR technology strategy), and how it can reach there (implementation road map).

Through the guest Lecture, Dr. Mohan presented a comprehensive framework that encompasses external demands, internal capabilities and key recommendations for a fit-for-purpose, future-focused Digital HR Strategy. This draws implications for technology-led developments in the HRD field.

Dhad Natya Mandal performs the Play "Marriage Proposal" on World Theatre Day

26th March, 2021

Dehradun- On Thursday, Doon Business School hosted the esteemed Theatre Group "Dhad Natya Mandal" in celebration of upcoming World Theatre Day on March 27, 2021. The event included exclusive premiere of a Behind the scenes Documentary made by the volunteers of the college's Phoenix Media Club showing a day in the life of Dhad Natya Mandal's dedicated artists.

The guests of the event included Mr. Pankaj Juyal, a local businessman and theatre artist; Mrs. MinakshiJuyal, a government teacher and amateur theatre artist; Miss Minakshi Gupta; Miss Manpreet Kaur and Mr. Abhishek Nautiyal, all three of them are students belonging to various disciplines while also working in Theatre. They were joined by experienced Theatre and Film artists Mr. Sudeep Jugran and Mr. Kailash Kandwal.

Their Performance of the play "Marriage Proposal" which delighted and educated the audience with its impeccable fusion of humour and feminist message was followed by a panel discussion where the aforementioned artists inspired the students with various anecdotes of their Theatre career.

The event ended with the bestowing of mementos by the college management to the visiting artists to show the deep appreciation and respect for the art of Theatre.

Felicitation of Winners Money Bhai Competition - 2021

25th March, 2021

An Induction meeting of Bulls and Bears Club, Doon Business School was held on 25.03.2021 at 2 p.m. in the campus auditorium. In the meeting, an insightful speech was given by the honourable Campus Director, Dr. Nitin Balwani followed by Prof. Bhanu Pratap Singh. Dr. Nikhil Kulshrestha (Dean, Doon Business School) and Dr. Rupak Gupta (Registrar, Doon Business School) felicitated the winners of the "Money Bhai Competition - 2021" .

The series of upcoming activities were announced by Prof. Pitresh Kaushik and also introduced the newly designated Student Patrons of Bulls & Bears Club. Vote of Thanks was delivered by Prof. Pitresh Kaushik along with Prof. Gargi Pant Shukla, for making the event a resounding success.

(Felicitation & Award for Merit in Education)

12th March, 2021
‘Embraced achievements are the encouraged achievements’ – We at DBS celebrated the felicitation of the high achievers and potential achievers on March 12, 2021 during the DBS FAME Ceremony.

The event started with us rushing down the auditorium filled with joy and bright smiles on our faces along with our classmates to cheer us and our parents joining the event online. Within minutes the seats were all occupied and the auditorium filled. The chief guest of the event was Mr. Dheeraj Aggarwal, an entrepreneur, who has a startup in Chandigarh named Altruist.

He was accompanied by senior leadership team of DBS, the first trustee- Dr. Anjum Agarwal, Chairman- Mr. Mohit Agarwal, Campus Director-Dr. Nitin Balwani, and Program Director - Dr. Grewal. The event started with the gracious words of our Dean Dr. Nikhil Kulshrestha. We were inspired by the words of Dr. Balwani, enthused by the words of Mr. Dheeraj Aggarwal and motivated by the words of Mr. Mohit Aggarwal. The felicitation then started and all the potential achievers and high achievers were called up on stage one by one. Dr. Navjyoti announced the names of PGDM (Global & SAP) achievers and Dr. Teena Saharan called up the students of MBA on stage.

All the achievers were honoured with a certificate, cash prize and a badge. The parents looked overjoyed when their wards were getting felicitated. Some even started crying seeing their achievements. The parents even congratulated them through the online platform and thanked the faculty of DBS because of whom this was even possible. The hardships of online teaching are only known to them. The students got the opportunity to connect closely with the senior leaders of the institute over high-tea. All in all, it was a great experience and an elated feeling. Because of this initiative, the students get motivated to achieve higher and study harder.

A Day in the life of a Sales Officer in FMCG Company

20th February, 2021

It was a pleasure hosting Mr. Vivek Saxena, GM-Sales & Distribution, DS Group as our guest speaker during our Industry-Academia Connect Program. Mr. Saxena apprised the management students of Doon Business School with the daily working of an FMCG salesperson in his session aptly titled “A Day in the life of an FMCG Sales Officer”. He gave a complete overview of a sales officer’s work in the market right from the beginning of the day to the end, from ensuring proper product placement at retail outlets to channel partner’s fund and stock management to customer complaint handling. He stressed the importance of how diligent market working plays a vital role in the success of any brand or a promotional campaign, highlighting the essence of distribution i.e. Availability, Visibility and Freshness and the role space and category management at retail shelf plays in faster offtake of brand from the shelf.

He emphasized and exhorted all the budding business leaders to develop and build on active listening skills and communication skills besides being empathetic to customer’s needs and its fulfillment much to their satisfaction and delight as any business is in existence and is thriving because of a customer.

Our heartfelt gratitude to you for sharing your valuable perspectives and insights on the FMCG Industry, Sir.

Business analytics : The Moneyball in the corporate Industry

6th February, 2021

In this interactive session, we have explored how Business Analytics has found application across industries and domains. Why more and more companies are investing in data intelligence to gain a competitive advantage. Aditya will bring out his experience across e-commerce, banking, healthcare, HR Analytics and sports analytics to give the audience a flavour of the real-world problems. Step into the shoes of an Analyst and get an experience of the kind of problem spaces that the Data community addresses. The session also covered some of the skills and experience that companies are looking for today for their roles in Data Sciences and HR Analytics. It is an opportunity for the students to interact with an expert from the professional world and get greater insight into the corporate working environment.

Webinar on Wise Leadership in a Volatile Time

23rd January, 2021

The pace of business change has increased dramatically in the recent years. Centrality of effective leadership instil confidence to employees, customers, and investors. The influence of leaders in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) business world is a fundamental responsibility. In the broadview of the same, Dr. Ali Intezari Harsini, Massey University, New Zealand Alumni; Lecturer, University of Queensland, Australia was invited to conduct a webinar for management students. Students experienced effective leadership shifts from amateurs who are overwhelmed with the pace of business to professionals who anticipate, respond, and succeed.

Guest Lecture on Importance of Digital Transformation Leadership for an organization

20th January, 2021

Be it having the right, digital savvy leadership in place or winning over the workforce, Digital Transformation Leadership has become an elixir for consistent brand engagement. Understanding the insistence of the same, Doon Business School invited Dr. S.P. Verma - Founder & CEO ASCENT HR & Legal Services, (An ISO 9001 : 2015 Accredited Organization) and Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer & Counsellor to deliver a guest lecture edifying students about bringing digital transformation through effective leadership.

Debate Competition

14th January, 2021

In its constant endeavour to provide students with holistic communication skill improvement, Doon Business School organized a virtual debate competition on 14th January 2021 on the motion "Whatsapp leaves users with no choice after privacy updates; Will the app continue?".

Students from all departments came forward and participated actively and shared their views either for or against the motion. Among the highly competitive performances, three students stood out and bagged the top three positions viz;

  • Pranay Shankar Saini- BBA 1 - 1st Position
  • Tanya Wadhwani - B Com 1- 2nd position
  • Harsh Raj - BBA A - 1 -3rd Position

Guest Lecture on CRM Strategy

04th January, 2021

With the expanding interest of retaining customers in the corporates, it is of paramount importance to expose management students with the essence of effective CRM strategy.

In order to keep students well versed with the expanse of CRM, Doon Business School invited Dr. Alok Saklani, Advisor Quality and Academic, and Dean, Himalayan School of Management Studies Swami Rama Himalayan University for a guest lecture to share his valuable insights about the topic.

Guest Lecture on Industry trends and Future Readiness

28th December, 2020

Sustainable improvements in operational excellence and efficiency, and defining opportunities for digital change are the essence for digital transformation and dynamic upholding of industry trends. In purview of the same, a session on Industry trends and Future readiness was Delivered for over 100 Management students of ISM Patna by Dr. Nikhil Kulshrestha, the Dean, Doon Business School, Dehradun on 28th December 2020. The session was moderated by Prof. Soumya Shukla of ISM. Industry and future job trends, growth drivers of the economy, digital readiness for exponensial corporate growth were the topics discussed at length wherein students experienced immense exposure about the future dynamics of the industry.

Guest Lecture on Design Thinking (Entrepreneurship Experiential Learning Session) by Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ISB)

17th December, 2020

Design thinking with its creative problem solving techniques has taken the business world by a storm. To boost entrepreneurial orientation and mindset among the management students, Doon Business School organized a Guest Lecture on Design Thinking (Entrepreneurship Experiential Learning Session) by Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ISB) on 17th December 2020 with honorable Guest Speakers viz; Mr. Prashant Ramagiri - Academic Manager, ISB and Mr. Seshadri Kannan, Program Manager, ISB With the growing need to understand the customer's needs with empathy, creative ways to think out of the box to fulfill business goals at large were the main topics covered in the session.


12th December, 2020

Doon Business School, Dehradun coordinated a radio workshop for mass communication students with the aim of training students about recording and editing aspects of Radio. RJ Sanjeev shared radio's job in social work and with the students and showed them the basics of microphone, taking care of scripts, sound creation, sound editing and blending, and content composition in addition to other things. The students then used the tips given by the guest speaker to produce a program in that same workshop. Students enjoyed a hands-on session which helped them learn, how a noise free and distortion-less recording is done.

After the recording session was well conducted, students were taught the basics of audio recording editing. They learned how editing can make a difference to any audio recording and take it to a different level.


Much of the difference in audio quality is determined at the recording stage only. Workshop’s primary objective was to train people so that when the recordings reach the editing table they are at least smooth and distortion free.

A large part of the distinction in sound quality is resolved at the recording stage itself. Workshop's essential target was to prepare students so when the audio recordings arrive at the editing table they are almost clear and without any distortion. Students found the workshop very useful and felt much more confident about the audio recordings they would do thereafter.


Doon Business School, Dehradun organised a workshop based on voice modulation and voice acting for mass communication students with the sole purpose of training students regarding the significance of voice in audio/video production. Senior voice artist Mr. Atul Verma shared his experience with students and guided them in order to become a good voice artist. The guest said that voice acting refers to how you control your voice when speaking. When we speak, we are able to change the message by varying the : tone, stress on words, pitch, and changing the rate of speech. Effective voice modulation can mean the difference between a boring speech, and an audience captivating speech.

The students used the tips given by the guest speaker to practice during the live workshop. Students enjoyed this hands-on session which helped them to better understand voice modulation skills, and how a voice can make a difference in the entire audio/video production.

According to students the workshop was very helpful and it make them feel empowered in understanding voice art.

Guest Lecture on 'PROSCI ADKAR Change Model'

09th December, 2020

Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement are the key drivers for supporting individual changes and enrich organizational success.

The Prosci ADKAR® Model being one of the most widely requested and sought-after models for change management, Doon Business School organized an enriching guest lecture inviting the expert speaker Mr. Nishant Kumar, Plant HR Head, Sandhar Automotives, Hariwar to educate students about the highly researched business model to help students equip collective lessons learned across the globe by implementing change.


5th December, 2020

On 5th December, 2020, Dr. Teena Saharan organized a wonderful panel discussion on topic ‘The Communication: The Entry Ticket to a Revolving Chair’. The session had been started and opened by the Secretary of the Human Resource Club of Doon Business School, Ms. Sushmita Satpathy who began with introducing the eminent guests and had given a brief introduction on the Dias Series. Mr. Mohit Aggarwal, Chairman DBS introduced the Dias Series and shared some valuable words about the series like the introduction and the objectives of the Dias series. Dr. Nitin Balwani, Campus Director DBS also congratulated the team and motivated them to held more sessions of similar nature.

The two eminent panellists were Mr. Kanishk Shukla, who is currently a key accountant at Pernod Ricard, and Ms. Vinita Srivastava Baghel, who is the founder of Atharv Consultants. The Panel was moderated by Dr. Nikhil Kulshrestha, Dean Academics.

Both the guests shared their magnificent journey of their career and emphasized on the key aspects of effective communication. Mr.Kanishk Shukla had shared his journey from Coffee to Whiskey where he told about his experience starting from Café Coffee Day to ParleAgro to Pepsi and now at French Company named Pernod Ricard on March, 2015 as a Key Account manager. He told the importance of positive attitude, determination, teamwork and politeness to have a successful career. Mrs. Vinita Srivastava Baghel shared about the importance of communication where she blended many personal and professional stories to make the session more meaningful. She also highlighted the quality of a good speaker and how a good speaker holds their audience. She also shared about her beautiful and challenging journey from an MBA student to an employee to a mother and now the founding member of Atharv Consultants. Being Moderator of the session, Dr. Nikhil Kulshrestha was very inquisitive in terms of his questions from the panellists and kept the session very live and meaningful for students.

Both the Guests ended the session with a beautiful advice that “Do not wait for the right time to come, start working on your plans from now and start exploring from now onwards which would later help you to be placed in a successful position.” Dr. Teena Saharan concluded the session with a Vote of Thanks. Students were glad to be part of this event and requested to organize more events of this kind.


11th November, 2020
Dr. R.L. Raina
JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur

Guest lecture was arranged for MBA, MIB& BBA students in which, Dr. R. L. Raina, Vice chancellor of JK Lakshmipat University, interacted with students on the topic“Competency development for time ahead”. The lecture was very informative wherein Dr. Raina explained the importance of emerging technologies and professional skills required in near future. In his session, he explained the top skills required in 2020 and made a comparative analysis with the skills, which are constantly in demand from many years.

Dr. Raina also explained the philosophy of learning focusing on major elements like core Domain, Inter-disciplinary Elements, Live application and professional Development.


He categorized the role of managers in 2 parts i.e. buying and selling of (i) Idea, (ii) Product & (iii) Service. He also emphasized on “How to hone skills?” and to understand the need and requisites of different skills. Dr. Raina very precisely focused on communication skills in specific and conversed its importance above all other skills. He gave his own life example and related it with Social, Emotional and Ethical (SEE) Learning i.e. “The adaption of modern mindset in relation with knowing self and serving others”.

With the help of a case, he explained the reasons of conflict and how one can resolve them. He asked students to stay hungry for knowledge and to enjoy every small achievement.

Stellar Introductions

27th October, 2020

The Public Speaking Club organized a “Stellar Introductions” activity for under graduate students on 27th October 2020 through the virtual platform. As the name of the activity suggests, students had to introduce themselves in their unique style by form of poems, singing, quotes, representing hobbies, beat boxing, icon replication etc. & the activity was very fun filled as we interacted with the students in their quirky style.

Stellar Introductions

This was a confidence building activity & helped the students to overcome stage fear. The time allotted for the activity was 1-1.5 mins to create a lasting impression of their unique introduction.

Group Dance Activity – "Swaying Stars"

22nd October, 2020

"Dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with heart is another. When you Dance your purpose is not toget to a certain place on the floor, it’s to enjoy each step along the way." An intra class online Group Dance competition was organized by DBS Dance Club on 22nd October 2020. The competition began with great zest and excitement. All The participants were dressed in colourful costumes &set the stage on fire with their thrilling performances. Despite being virtually connected, students synchronised online very welland gracefully. The students felt very energetic & pulled power packed performances.

World Food Day

16th October, 2020

16th October is celebrated as World food Day to commemorate the formation of United Nation’s Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) in 1949. This year was the 75th Anniversary of Formation of FAO. Every year a theme of the World food day is released by FAO and this year the theme was "Grow, nourish, sustain. Together. Our actions are our future." which reflects that how agriculture can contribute to eliminate persistent inequalities and in efficiencies which continue to plague our food system, economics and social support structure. In this context, Agriculture department of Doon Business School organizedan inspiring, interactive online programme, engaging students in the World Food Day Virtual Celebration.

The session offered latest insights in food systems approaches and smart solutions for healthy diets for all, presented by renowned experts in the agri-food sector, Prof. (Dr.) Col. Ajay Kumar Gahlot, Ex Vice Chancellor, RAJUVAS, Bikaner, Rajasthan & Dr. Y Sudarshana, Ex Director, Institute of Agri Business Management, Bikaner to share their experience & provide students with their tremendous insights. Students actively took part in the online discussions about innovative solutions and current challenges in food systems & got inspiration from smart solutions for healthy diets. There was Forum Discussion onthis year FAO’s theme "Grow, nourish, sustain. Together. Our actions are our future." Students also engaged in poster making & presented their spectacular posters.

Overall, it was an enriching experience for all the student and faculty. It generated awareness about importance of agriculture for overall development of whole world and also highlighted the future challenge for sustainable agriculture.


12th October, 2020

The students of Mass Communication at Doon Business School were given an opportunity to interact & learn from the industry experts. The following experts were invited to share their hands-on industry experience with the students to give them exposure about media, mass communication, journalism, new editing & digital revolution. Mr. Amit Gambhir, Media Head for the Times of India, Uttarakhand state has more than 20 years of experience in media and marketing field interacted with the students & shared insights about career in media marketing.

Ms. Kirti Gosain, Anchor & News Producer for NDTV (English), also an alumnus of Doon Business School was invited to share her experience in the journalism field & the opportunities that can be explored in the industry. Mr. Neeraj Vats, Group Head, Editor G, Former Output Editor, NDTV (Hindi), Former Media Advisor for BJP shared his valuable insights about Digital Transformation & Journalism.

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