Agriculture & Allied Sciences


DBS School of Agriculture and Allied Sciences, under the auspices of Doon Business School Group conducts 4 year under graduate programs in 3 specializations i.e., B.Sc Agriculture, B.Sc Forestry and B.Sc Horticulture" to cater to the needs of prospective students in these disciplines & shaping their careers as leaders in various facets of Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture. In addition to develop them as professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs and scientists, the students are made aware about recent advances in these fields to broaden their horizon in fundamental and applied research. Students are also encouraged to pursue higher studies in these areas to build their future based on current employability in Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture Sectors.


  • Dehradun - A Safe, Beautiful & Cosmopolitan Education City.
  • Students from 23 States & 5 Countries on campus.
  • Degree from Govt. Universities.
  • The DBS Agriculture/Forestry/Horticulture programmes are designed and delivered with an objective of wholesome development of students.
  • Multiple Placements for all.
  • Impressive scholarship schemes for meritorious students.
  • Separate in campus Girls & Boys hostels with Modern Sporting & Gym facilities.
  • Happening campus life with a variety of sports and cultural events.

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Life @ Agriculture & Allied Sciences

Why B.Sc. Agriculture/Forestry/Horticulture at DBS School of Agriculture and Allied Sciences

  • Live Projects : Students will do class assignments and will also get engaged in different farm demonstrations and research trials.
  • Cutting Edge Courses in Workshop mode for hands on experience : In addition to regular course work, students are exposed to specially designed practical’s and demonstrations in the areas of crop production, nursery raising for horticulture crops, propagation of garden trees, raising for horticulture crops, propagation of garden trees, raising and monitoring forest plantations, seed identification, organic farming, soil and water sample analysis.
  • Experiential Learning Activities : Students are exposed to Commercial farms to know-how that create an opportunity for students to engage and tone up their endurance, confidence and management skills.
  • Innovative Pedagogy: Emphasis on case studies and inter-personal based teaching to develop skills in analytical thinking and reflective judgement by reading and discussing complex, real-life scenarios.
  • Well equipped Labs : Practical Labs are well equipped with necessary field equipments and research facilities for demonstration and independent project work.
  • Faculty : Highly experienced faculty mostly engaged in consultancy, research and publication to add immense value to academic life. Sharing life-based experience and suggesting personality development steps time to time.
  • Placement : Well renowned firms, industries, services and agricultural sector based tie-ups including banking and corporate world will be invited for campus placements.

Programs Offered

Annual Tuition Fees

B.Sc Agriculture Click Here
Rs. 36000 per semester
B.Sc Forestry Click Here
Rs. 36000 per semester
B.Sc Horticulture Click Here
Rs. 36000 per semester

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Placement in well renowned firms, industries, services and agricultural sector based tie-ups including banking and corporate world for Agriculture Graduates. Students explore a wide range of career opportunities ranging from Banking Sector jobs to Agro-industries, research in reputed institutes like ICFRE, to other sought after profiles like Agriculture Development Officers (ADOs) and Agriculture Extension Officers (AEOs). Forestry graduates from DBS have ample opportunities like, Forest Range Officers, Zoo curators, Wild life research, Forest conservation. Research opportunities in reputed institutes like ICFRE (Indian council of Forestry Research & Education), ICAR, M.Sc. & Ph.D., are also available. Horticulture graduates from DBS have scope of their employment in the horticulture departments, as agronomist & landscaping professionals, managers of existing orchards, field officers in banks and also entrepreneurship development etc.

For more details on placements click here.