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Dehradun Advantage


Located amidst beautiful valleys and hills, is the prestigious Doon Business School that promises world class education germane to the needs of current industry. Studying in Doon Business School in Dehradun ensures that students are provided with state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities amidst magnificent natural surroundings.


Imagine a student life away from the hustle-bustle of the busy life, at a place where they are being nurtured with fresh air, invigorating greenery and splendid waterfalls. A completely noise free atmosphere and freedom from the traffic chaos that is an inherent part of city life, ensures that the students can devote maximum time and effort towards studies. Isn't that a good enough a reason to explain why Doon Business School produces some of the most brilliant professionals for almost any industry?

The great Himalayas warmly embrace the city of Dehradun. The place is blessed with plenty of natural beauty and can work magically to sooth and relax all the tension that can build up during a hectic student life. It is indeed worth giving the thought that why places like Dehradun and Mussoorie inhabit as many, if not more, education institutions than the guest houses and resorts that they embrace.

It has been time and again proved that students who spend their time in a fresh and healthy environment are better than those who don't get a chance to. Ever wondered why many parents want to send their children to study abroad? It really can’t be the "foreign" tag that attracts them. Majority of them want the child to *focus* on studies. They want the children to be able to work on state-of-the-art technology and be completely well-equipped to face the real world.

Doon Business School offers every facility that a foreign university proposes. We have worked hard for building world-class infrastructure that matches international standards. A strong faculty that has earned degrees from prestigious and renowned institutes, such as FMS and IIM, prepare our students to be future manager. So, why anywhere else, if all this and more is available through an alternative that is as scenically as beautiful as any foreign land and also offers the comforts of home? Think about it!

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"In accordance with the latest Govt. guideline the institute authorities at Doon Business School Group decided to call off the GDPI Scheduled at different locations till 30th May 2020. All Enrolled candidates will be interviewed via Skype/Zoom (Online mode)".