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Student Club Activities

"Learning experience in a business school can and should never be restricted to academic classroom learning but rather focus on all round development of students. Every year students join DBS from all parts of the country and abroad, hence, bringing in values and interests from several different cultures. Enrolling for a club of their choice and organizing interesting activities throughout the year provides them an opportunity to know their peers better, learn to work in a team, under time and budget constraints.

In myriad ways, it provides them a flavour of executing/organizing events and eventually, learning management lessons while having fun. More than 20 plus active clubs across diverse areas of stock markets, sports, cultural and communications help students learn new skills by organizing activities themselves under the guidance of faculty mentors. Active participation keeps the campus buzzing with activities throughout the year."


    The Introductory Session of Bulls & Bear Club took place on 26th September’19. Approximately 70 students attended the session with a fantastic enthusiasm & zeal to learn about financial markets.

    • Session conducted by Prof. Nitin Balwani

    • Student understanding the Trends of Market

    • Live stock market analysis by Mentors

    Following were the highlights of the activity:

    1. How an individual investor expects stocks to rise.
    2. Importance of reviewing historical trends of a particular company wherein investments are to be made.
    3. Benefits of up & down trends of the market.
    4. Market cycles that inclusde 4 phases of market growth & decline diriven by business & economic conditions.
    5. Overall, it was a very interactive & engaging session.

    The members of the club were introduced to one another. The introductory session was very helpful for students who want to pursue a career in the finance stream. The forthcoming activity is organized on 3rd October wherein students will participate in groups of 5 each & present company’s portfolios studying their market trends.


    Activity 1:

    A very interactive day well spent on the first session of "Public Speaking" on 22nd August'19. It was a unique introductory session. We met our Club Patrons, Dr. Randhir Dalal, Ms. Richa Soni, Ms. Anushree Sharma, Mr. Lalit Kumar & Mr. Mohit Saini.

    • Student performing "Impressive Introductions" task

    • Mentors going a performance analysis

    When the session began, we were instructed to introduce ourselves as we all were unknown to each other, so to become comfortable and familiar to the each of the individual who are the part of the club, our mentor organized a very interesting activity. The task was named as ''Impressive Introductions"' .The task was to introduce ourselves in a different and unique way. It could be a poetry, song, quote, humor or anything else which can describe ourselves that what kind of being we are. So, to make the task more understandable, first our club coordinators introduced themselves in their own unique way. Afterwards, all the club members came one by one to introduce themselves. Some of them spoke poetry, whereas some of them disclosed their strengths and weaknesses. Some of them were confident enough to face the audience, and some of them were little bit nervous to face the audience. The idea behind the activity was to reduce stage fear & be confident enough to introduce oneself in a public platform.

    Before the session got over, our next activity was announced along with dates with mutual unison of students. We were motivated to work hard on our speaking skills.

    By Sajal Garg
    BA 1st Year

    Activity 2:

    Nothing in this world becomes worth doing unless we know why we are doing it. Keeping this in mind, the Public Speaking Club organised a group activity named ‘The Flag Bearers’ on August 31, 2019. In all 4 groups participated, each with 6-10 members. Every group came up with a logo and a catchy name describing the uniqueness of this club and explained the importance of effective public speaking through a role play. The first group headed by Debojeet presented a Club Anthem titled ‘Wield the power of words.’ The members Anubhav, Varnika, Divyanshi, Harshashree, Priyali, Srudeep and Vignesh suggested ‘Invictus Oratory Club’. The second group lead by Manni came up with the idea ‘Let speech be better than silence’ and the members including Sumit and Ridhima shared some real experiences to explain why one needs to conquer the fear of speaking. The other group with Abhijit as the leader suggested ‘Talking Titans’ as the club name and the group consisting Mahima, Kopal, Mahua, Manish, Adnan and Faizan staged a wonderful role play. The fourth group with Saransh, Shivani, Deepak, Aryan, Shweta, Sumit Prakash and the leader Sagar proposed ‘Lead to speak’ as the club name. Finally the activity, full of creative ideas, concluded with some enlightening words by the patrons Dr. Dalal, Ms. Richa Soni & Ms. Anushree Sharma.

    By Ridhima Khanduja
    BA 1st Year

    Activity 3:

    • Students during Trio Debate

    • Students during Trio Debate

    • Students during Trio Debate

    On Thursday, 19th September 2019, a Trio Debate session debate took place in the Old Auditorium of the school on the motion, Western Culture Vs Indian Culture. The controversial topic took several turns as the fierce members of the club put forward their opinions supporting either of the side. Three teams participated in total, each consisted of three participants.

    The first group included Sajal, Samarth and Vinit who left no chance to tackle each other in a verbal war of perceptions and strong arguments. They covered the influencing aspects of Clothing, Education and Family.

    Another group stepped up, comprising of Varnika, Debojeet and Arunachalam. While, the former two supported the Western culture in the aspects of Women's safety, Crime level and Foreign education; the latter didn't blink an eye as he passionately defended the Indian culture and brought out the colors of its influence and the set forth the grandeur it holds.

    The last team sat across the already fired up table to take the debate to its final conclusion. The team consisted of Abhijit, Kopal and Aryan who went around analyzing both the cultures and how the either have influenced each other over the centuries. 

    The debate met its end as everybody agreed that there is a bicultural influence between the West and India and that both sides have merits and demerits. So, in order to establish a better society, the positives should be inherited while distancing from the dark negatives.

    By Debojeet
    B Com (Hons) – 1st Year

    • Students during badminton tournament

    • Students during badminton tournament

    • Students during badminton tournament

    A badminton tournament was organized on 19th September 2019 in which nearly 38 students participated in 3 categories, that is, Boys UG, Boys PG & Girls Open.

    Mr. Abhinandan being the referee gave extraordinary judgments during the matches.

    The tournament lasted for 2 days. On the first day, a qualifier round for UG students was organized.

    >On the second day, the final qualifiers played game rounds with exemplary sportsmanship.

    The following students performed at par:

    1. Boys PG- Bhavesh Kukreja won the 1st prize.
    2. Boys UG- Srajan Modi won the 1st prize.
    3. Boys UG Runner up: Rahul
    4. Girls Open: Ayushi won the 1st prize.

    Basketball Club of Doon Business School, Dehradun has always been one amongst the key attractions for students. Every year, atleast 30 new students join the club bringing with them a new spirit & zeal for the club. These members are mostly a mix of experience at various levels ranging from fresher to students who have represented India on International platforms.

    The club isn't just a platform for existing players to showcase their talent but also gives a chance to the students new to this sport, to learn it from scratch under the excellent guidance & coaching of our coach and under the mentorship of its patrons.

    Basketball club here at DBS, hosts various basketball tournaments during the academic year, as well as encourages students to participate in competitions at other Universities too. Under the leadership and guidance of coach and patrons, the Basketball team of DBS has participated in various tournaments and was victorious in many of them.

    It's a second family for all its members!!


    Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just enjoy a couple of frames after some points, DBS 8 Ball Pool Club has got you covered. The DBS Pool Club provides a platform to all students who are passionate about the sport.

    The club currently comprises of about 20 members who enjoy the sport every evening. There are tournaments; practice sessions & all members participate very actively involving even the faculty members.

    The winners of tournaments are commended with certificates & medals. At the Club, 8 Ball Pool is not just a sport but a spirit to socialize, learn new game techniques & learn something new every day.

    The upcoming activities of the Club involve tournaments organized every Thursday. Club members like Yusha Ali, Pranav, Ashish & Yogesh have been active contributors in club activities.


    The Music Club strives to promote students participation in the contribution & enjoyment of their music abilities/ talents & to provide an outlet for all students who are passionate about music. Classes are held every day. The club has facilities for practice, and various musical instruments which provide an excellent exposure to students to practice & perform.

    The Music Club has the legacy of putting up heart stopping performances at the various college events, especially The Manfest. The upcoming event by the Music Club will take place soon & has been named as ‘’Anatakshari - War of Words’’ wherein students will form teams & compete. Later, two teams from each round will be selected to participate in the final round.

    The Music Club at DBS brings together those who genuinely enjoy music & provide a platform for students to express their talent. A few students have been participating very actively in the club, to name a few, Yashika, Shashank, Romit, Pranav, Shweta, Harsha & a few others. The members have a zeal & enthusiasm to learn & welcome the novices with an accommodating spirit with the help of capable club mentors.


    Activity 1: Dated :18th September, 2019

    Dance club of Doon Business School recently organised a workshop on 18th September,2019 of Tron brothers a crew of D- Maniax fame Dance High Fever, Nachbaliye, ABCD- 2, Chak Doom Doom, India's Dancing Superstars. With their amazing Dance style students were excited to learn from them and looked forward for the workshop. More than 40 students turned up for the workshop. It was a great experience for the students as well as for the college to organize workshop by such an amazing Duo of India. Dance club of Doon Business School will often conduct such kind of activities for the interest of the students and to make them learn from the experts.

    • Students preparing for Dance workshop

    • Dance Workshop by Tron Brothers (Nachbaliye Fame)

    • Students with Tron Brothers

    Activity 1: Dated :15th September, 2019

    The students of the dance club are not even taking a break on their Sundays. Their zeal to dance, to showcase their talent, to learn and do something new is just growing. On 15th September,2019 the students shot a dance video on the song Pagal hai by Badshah. The whole edited video will be out soon on the DBS page. Dance club of Doon Business School will often conduct suck kind of activities for the interest of the students and able to showcase their talent to everyone out there.

    • Students preparing for street plays

    • Students preparing for street plays

    • Students preparing for street plays

    • Students preparing for street plays

    An effort towards promoting theatre culture in the campus and creating a performing space for the students is what the Dramatics Club at Doon Business School all about. Under the guidance of a professional theatre trainer, Prof. Kailash Kandwal, the students themselves organize, act and perform in various shows in the campus. The club aims to put up at least one theatre play every month with a proper ticketed show. Along with this, street plays, mono acts, mime acts and role plays are constantly being performed on various platforms. As of now, the Dramatics club has a total of 50 participants. Their current, ongoing, play that is to be performed on the 12th of October is "Taj Mahal ka Tender", a what-if-current-day satire that addresses the government practices. The play stars, Debojeet, Siddharth Kshatriya, Aditya, Sandeep, Dhanush Dandu are in major roles and brief others.

    The purpose of the club to gather the likeminded students and faculty members of Doon Business School. The club aims to provide opportunities to explore various cultures and picturesque Himalayas of Uttarakhand and Himachal. In today’s world of chaos and constant stimulation, it’s hard to quiet the mind and think. Getting into Nature offers a way to find some silence and clarity; and it’s an important tool to counter our standards of survival in society. The more and more pressure we put on ourselves, the more our health degrades.
    • Students Group during Nag Tibba Trek

    • Students Group on trekking to Nag Tibba Trek

    • Student Group accomplished the Nag Tibba Trek

    • Students enjoying scenic beauty

    Our minds and bodies need silence in order to regenerate. Travelling is a great way to reap the benefits of what nature has to offer. The elements whip us into shape and we sweat out our frustrations. As our muscles scream for mercy and our toes rub in our boots, we seek shade. The shelter of a giant pine tree is a luxurious refuge from the intense sun rays. Leaning against the rugged bark, the ultimate question surfaces: Why did I choose to do this? Sometimes the fatigue from everyday life tries to dissuade us from getting outdoors; but in the end, the rewards of trekking unknown paths are too great. Hiking is a way for nature to give us some much needed therapy; and depending on where we go, it’s affordable.

    Bagpackers’ Bucket List:

    • Naag Tibba Trek
    • Kedarkantha Trek
    • Bedani Bugyal Trek
    • Sarpass Trek
    • Har Ki Doon Trek
    • Nainital Jungle Camps& Bird Watching
    • Jim Corbett Park Safari
    • Raja Ji National Park Camping
    • Valley of Flowers Trek
    • Chopta Tungnath Chandrashila Deoria Taal Trek
    • And many more

    The DBS Movie Club is trying its best, to make its presence felt by living upto the standards, it had committed. Although in the first month of screening, we have chosen films which are from popular or somewhat popular genre, but we intend to eventually screen movies, which has an intellectual essence. We premiered with, an out and out comedy film called "BOWFINGER" starring Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin but it was followed by a very intense movie by noted director, James Cameroon called “The Abyss”. Changing the mood we switched to Horror by screening the all time favourite “The Exorcist” last week. We did have certain concerns regarding the venue for the screening of the movies. Till now we are getting a rather baffled response especially when we screen a lesser known film but since our goal is to promote quality films, I am sure our persistent efforts would certainly pay off by encouraging and instilling, a good film sense amongst the students. We have a number of good films lined up for the coming months, Madhu madam has already sent you a list films to be screened from various genres on specific days. We aim not just to involve our students but also help them evolve.


    A plantation drive was carried by the Social Welfare Club on 23rd Auguat 2019. The motive of the activity was to make the DBS Campus and the surroundings greener. Most of the members of the club along with our club patron, Pushpa Kataria maám were engaged. Students from different departments participated actively. A tremdous support of the Chairman sir, the Registrar sir & other senior faculties was extended for the activity. This activity was in collboartion with the allied sciences department.

    Participants planted more than 100 saplings around the campus and nearby places that day. The duration of the activity was around 2.5 hours. Jaspreet Kaur, Dhananjay Kumar, Shimal Gupta, Devanshu, Aditya Vikram Singh & Rameshwar Singh were amongst the most active participants.

    • Students doing Tree Plantation in Selaqui Area

    • Students doing Tree Plantation in Selaqui Area

    • Students doing Tree Plantation in Selaqui Area

    • Students doing Tree Plantation in DBS Campus

    • Students contributing in Plastic Free Campus Drive

    • Students contributing in Plastic Free Campus Drive


    On Gandhi Jayanti, that is, on 2nd October 2019, the Social Welfare Club organized a campus drive to clean up the campus. The activity was initiated by Dhananjay Kumar. The students were divided into groups who took charge of the college campus cleaning. Jaspreet Kaur, Aditya Vikram Singh, Shimal Gupta & Someshawar were amongst the top performers in the activity.

    Girls took the initiative to clean up the girls hostel & the boys took care of the faculty block & boys hostel. The activity was followed by cleaning the playground, canteens & the whole campus. The motive of the activity was to instill the spirit of cleanliness amongst the students & live in a plastic free environment.


    • Students during Blood Donation Camp at DBS

    • Students during Blood Donation Camp at DBS

    • Students during Blood Donation Camp at DBS

    The social welfare club organized a Blood Donation Camp in collaboration with IMA Blood Bank on 3rd October – 2019 in the campus fromn 10 AM to 2 PM. Members particiapted with an extra ordinary zeal to motivate students for blood donation cause. Many students who donated blood were first time donors & the response was enormous.

    Proper health check ups were made before the blood donation activity to safeguard the health of the students. The activity was widely promoted in the campus by means of posters & other campaigns.


    On 29th August, 2019, the first meeting of DBS Wellness Club was held by the Club Patron Dr. Jintendra Goswami. A detailed introduction of the club was given by him to all the members of the club. It was an ice-breaking activity. Furthermore, members introduced themselves to the club.

    "Wellness is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, as a result of deliberate effort. Feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to the overall health of an individual, enabling them to successfully overcome difficulties and achive what they want out of life."

    The motive of the club is to aware the students about the wellness of their being. This will help the students to live a stressfree and a healthy life by means of Yoga, Meditation & many other activities. Later, the core committee of the club was selected by the patron. In this, members were given different positions, President: Aditya Vikram Singh, Vice President: Ayushi Tripathi, Secretary: Shivam Gupta, Treasurer: Shreya Mandal.
    Activity was followed by yoga & meditation session. The students felt very relaxed & conclusion of the session was on a good note.

    Few of the forthcoming events are as follows:

    1. Comida Fest (Food Fest)
    2. Basketball Match (with basketball club)
    3. Poster Making
    4. Guest Lecture
    5. Yoga & Meditation
    6. Essay Writing
    7. Blood Donation
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