DBS Advantage

Let us answer this by decoding the DNA of a successful business school. Among myriad of reasons of joining a reputed business school, some of the most essential ones which DBS perceive are:

  • Further enhance your existing Skills sets - Soft skills as well as Managerial skills
  • Grow higher & faster in the Corporate Hierarchy.
  • Network with like minded Professionals during your tenure at Business School
  • Learn to work as a team & be able to delegate within the team.
  • Broaden your outlook & interpretation of all the happenings in the World – Political as well as Economical.

We, purposely did not mention about "High Paying Jobs or Best Placements" as one of the benefits of a successful business school since DBS believes that once the above mentioned is rightfully achieved, there is 'ZERO' likelihood of not getting a high remuneration opportunity post PGDM/MBA. We say it with immense confidence since Corporate continuously lament about major dearth of quality MBA graduates possessing such skill sets and DBS endeavours to fill that gap with each passing year.

We also did not mention about "Affiliations or Infrastructure" since we believe that high standard infrastructure is an essential for a business school and not something to boast about. Know more about DBS Infrastructure here

At Doon Business School, we care about these aspects for each student as well as faculty member. To achieve it, DBS is proud of the following practices:

Updated and Relevant Curriculum

When DBS says 'Updated and Relevant', we mean both of them. Before the start of each academic session at Doon Business School, we care to have a re-look at the curriculum of each course and modifications are made to make it more Industry relevant and with the current times.

Skilled Faculty

More emphasis cannot be put on the importance of having experienced and quality faculty for a business school. Have a look at DBS faculty profiles here

A business school cannot even deliver on an updated curriculum unless the faculty supports it. DBS ensures that each faculty member upgrades himself every year through domain specific Certification programs & MDPs.

Learn by Practice

Learning 4Ps of marketing is a just the tip of the iceberg, solving few case studies in the classroom by applying these rules is also half the job done, however, completing a full fledged marketing project by associating with an industry for more than 6 months will be regarded as "Learning by practice" and it does not get any better.

Thanks for DBS location advantage and well crafted pedagogy which ensures the availability of several projects (Marketing/Finance/Operations) on essential fundamentals of management.

Many students have had an experience of a lifetime at DBS & we are sure about many more students experiencing it in times to come.

Key Drivers at Doon Business School

  • Highly industry interactive education.
  • Learning by Empowering.
  • Problem Based Learning methodology along with Case Study Approach.
  • Experienced faculty from Harvard, Waterloo, IIMs, FMS, XLRI etc.
  • International Certifications in addition to regular full time Degrees.
  • SAP- Germany Certification though University Alliance Partnership.
  • Six sigma, NSE Certification, Alliance' Francis-elementary French.
  • Multiple Internships in PG and UG.
  • International Collaboration for Faculty Exchange , Lecture Exchange, Student Exchange.
  • Beautiful, Peaceful, Conducive environment of Dehradun with large no. of pollution free industries for exposure.
  • Unique specializations for engineer and Science Graduates.
  • 100% placements since inception. International internships and placements.
  • Focused on creating world class leaders / managers.
  • International exposures through tours Singapore / Dubai.
  • Packaging high value add Deliverables in the most cost effective way.