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Doon Business School - Group
Hostel Charges For The Session 2022-23*

1st Installment Payable before joining
2nd Installment Payable on 01/01/2023
Total Hostel Fee
Amount in Rs.
Rent (1st Installment) Rent (2nd Installment)
Admission Fee (Non Refundable) 10000   10000
Twin Double (4 Seater Chummery Accommodation) with attached Bathroom & Toilet 29000 19000 48000
Triple Seater with Common Washroom 29000 19000 48000
Triple Seater with Attached Washroom 38000 25000 63000
Triple Seater with Attached Washroom with Balcony** 39000 26000 65000
Double Seater with Common Washroom 38000 25000 63000
Double Seater with Attached Washroom without Balcony 45000 30000 75000
Double Seater with Attached Washroom with Balcony** 48000 32000 80000
Four Seater with Common Washroom
27500 18000 45500
Dormitory with common washroom 26000 17000 43000

Other Compulsory Charges

Meals (Payable in two installments i.e. Rs.21,000/- each)     42000
Mediclaim insurance policy up to Rs.1,50,000/-     2000
Subsidised laundry is compulsory for hostlers. (Payable with 1st Installment)     2500
Contingency/Reserve - Refundable (Payable with 1st Installment)

**Balcony Room is only for Girls students.

***Twin Double (4 Seater chummery accommodation) is only for Boys students.

*All charges are applicable for the year 2022-23 only. The Mess Charges include a GST of 5% and Hostel/Room Rent does not include any GST. Prices may be revised each year to prevailing market condition & tax structure and inflation. Room Rent is charged as per separate Room/Bed agreement for residential accommodation with the respective owners of the property.

*Applicable till 15th June 2023 or till 3 days aer the last date of exam whichever is earlier.

*All Hostel Accommodation is valid 1 Day prior to the start and 3 Days after the closure of academic year/last exams. No student will be allowed to stay in the hostel during a vacation period of more than 15 days.

*All charges are payable for full year as a contract for full year stay. No refund is permitted for premature withdrawal.

*Rooms are subject to availability on the day of full payment of the first installment.

Hostel is mandatory for the BBA, BBA+MBA, B.Com (Hons.) & B.Com program from Batch 2022 for their first two formative years of the program.

Refund Policy

For any withdrawal under extraordinary circumstances like rustication, disciplinary issues, medical issues or any other issue as approved by Hostel Council as extraordinary circumstances, the refund will be processed as under:

• Hostel Admission Fee, Room Rent (Bed) & Medical Insurance are non-refundable.
• Variable charges of food @ Rs. 3000/- will be refunded for the balance period out of 10 months.
• Contingency/Reserve Fund - balance after deduction of charges shall be refunded (if any).

The above charges are for the period of 10 months. Any extended stay because of postponement of exams will be charged on prorate basis of the type of room occupied and mess charges. However, any extension aer last exam will be charged on annual basis (on discretion of hostel/management).
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"In accordance with the latest Govt. guideline the institute authorities at Doon Business School Group decided to call off the GDPI Scheduled at different locations till 30th May 2020. All Enrolled candidates will be interviewed via Skype/Zoom (Online mode)".