IMPORTANT NOTICE for GDPI For New Admissions : +91 7259162060
Important Notice GDPI

Boarding & Lodging

Doon Business School - Group

Admission Fees (Non Refundable)   10000
Twin Double (4 Seater chummery accommodation) with attached Bathroom & Toilet 45000 36750 81750
Triple Seater with Common Washroom 45000 36750 81750
Triple Seater with Attached Washroom 60000 36750 96750
Double Seater with Common Washroom 60000 36750 96750
Double Seater with Attached Washroom without Balcony 72500 36750 109250
Double Seater with Attached Washroom with Balcony 75000 36750 111750
Dormirtory Available with Common Washroom (Only for Girls) 40000 36750 76750
In case any student desires to have an Air (water) cooler facility in the room the same shall be provided if all occupants agree to the same @500/- per month for each occupants. Minimum charge for one month will be charged. Maintenance & fillings of water will be responsibility of student. In case of any maintenance bill, same shall be charged to students. 500/- Pm for each occupants 
Group Mediclaim insurance policy up to Rs 1,50,000/-. Incase copy of valid Mediclaim insurance policy of govt. is submitted at the time of admission, same would be refunded. 2000
No student is allowed to wash clothes in the hostel. Subsidised laundry is compulsory for hostlers. 2500
Refundable Security / Contingency Deposit  5000
* All Charges are applicable for the year 2020-201 only. Prices may be revised as per prevailing inflation and tax structure.
* All Charges are applicable for the year 2020-21 only. The Mess Charges include GST of 5% and hostel / Roon Rent does not include GST . Prices may be revised each year subject to prevailing market condition & Tax structure and inflation.
* All Charges are payable annualy in advance and in case of premature withdrawl, only variable charges of food @ RS. 2500 per month will be refunded for the balance period out of 10 Months
* All Charges are for a period of 10 Months tenure. No Student will be allowed to stay in the hostel during vacation period which is exceeding 15 days
* All Hostel Accomodation is valid 1 Day prior to the start and 2 Days after the close of academic year/last exams.
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