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Value Added Certificates


SAP is the world's largest business software company and the third-highest revenue independent software provider (as of 2016). You want to be ahead of the game and get started with a successful career right after your time at university? A SAP-Certification helps you to get what you want! The globally recognized SAP-UA certificate is a great asset to your CV and it will sure help to increase your career opportunities. These courses at Doon Business School have been developed to provide all the necessary theoretical and methodological knowledge about SAP systems, as well as a big amount of practical experience in actually working with a real SAP system! This way, you can gather important skills for the job market and thus, increase your career opportunities. Doon Business School offers courses in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with SAP R3 - ECC Software. All courses are available for students, industry and professionals . SAP R3 - ECC is offered in collaboration with SAP University Alliances. Student, after completing 80 hours of training, get a certificate from SAP University Alliance India Pvt. Ltd.


Six sigma seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects (errors) and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes. It uses a set of quality management methods, including statistical methods, and creates a special infrastructure of people within the organization ("Champions", "Black Belts", "Green Belts", "Orange Belts", etc.) who are experts in these very complex methods. Each Six Sigma project carried out within an organization follows a defined sequence of steps and has quantified value targets, for example; process cycle time reduction, customer satisfaction, reduction in pollution, cost reduction and/or profit increase. Doon Business School International offers Green Belt in quality certification from Six Sigma after successful completion of the course to students who finish the project of six sigma evaluation of one company after passing the designated Test.


Digital Marketing is the need of the hour and we at Doon Business School provide extensive 360 degree Digital Marketing training to our Graduates and Undergraduates along with the regular PGDM and MBA courses. The students are trained on SEO, SMO, PPC, Email, Blogging, Affiliate, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, YouTube Marketing etc, by Faculties from IIM and Industry.


The Insurance Institute of India .Institute qualifications are held in esteem both by the regulator and the industry. In its role as a leading education and training provider I.I.I. is closely associated with all the segments of the insurance industry which includes Insurance regulatory authority of India, public and private sector insurance companies. These are recognised by the Government of India, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) and insurers in India and abroad. After the 30 hrs intervention students with 75% attendance are allowed to sit for the online test and those who qualify gets the insurance licenciate.


This is a basic level programme for those who wish to either begin a career in the financial markets in India or simply learn the fundamentals of capital markets. The course is structured to help understand the basic concepts relating to different avenues of investment, the primary and the secondary market, the derivatives market and financial statement analysis. The Training is conducted by reliance Leap /IDBI INteq / PIFM/ in house faculty. After about 30 hrs of intervention the qualifying candidates write the online test of National Stock Exchange and get the equivalent certificate of the respective module from NSE.


The French Language program at Doon Business School, is designed keeping in mind the latest expectations of the industry, and allows students to have a professional edge in today's competitive environment. DBS has entered into an MoU with the Embassy of France for teaching French language. A French national, an expert in the teaching of French, teaches French to the students at the end of which a globally recognized due certification is provided.


Now a day’s everybody is in a queue to get a good job in a well established company. Today the corporate are less concerned about what you have done but how differently and artistically you express that to them, is what matters and gets you a job. One can only learn the art of expression through PDP by the experienced trainers at Doon Business School.


Idbi Intech on banking is a unique programme at Doon Business School for Management & Commerce students to give practical knowledge about banking, audit, insurance & capital market. It gives an advantage to the students who want to make a good career in finance and banking


At Doon Business School we give our students basic understanding and hands on operations on Tally 9.0 ERP about Accounting transactions and book keeping in computerizedenvironment. No of Hrs. for this value added course is 30 hrs.

Test: Computerized test conducted by teaching faculty.

Certification: Computerized accounting Certificate on tally for passing the test by DoonBusiness School International and participation certification for others completing 75% Attendance.

Comparison Chart 2020-22

Admission Fees 50,000 50,000 35,000 35,000 35,000
Tuition Fees for 1st Year 3,67,500 3,10,500 1,83,000 1,83,000 1,83,000
Tuition Fees for 2nd Year 3,88,500 3,30,000 1,96,000 1,96,000 1,96,000
University Exam Fees for 2 years 21,000 21,000 18,000 18,000 18,000
Alumni Membership + Subscription 1,500 1,500 2,500 2,500 2,500
Charges for Industry Visits, Employability/Soft Skills Training and CDC membership in 2 years Included in Tuition Fees Included in Tuition Fees 34,500 34,500 34,500
Optional BASE = Business Aptitute Skill & Enhancement Programme ++ @ 20000/- Per Semester with MBA All certificates part of curriculum All certificates part of curriculum 80,000 Not Applicable Not Applicable
TOTAL FEES 8,28,500 7,13,000 5,49,000 4,69,000 4,69,000
LESS: Scholarship for women and Uttarakhand Domicile in two years (-) 75,600 (-) 64,050 Not applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable
Refundable Security 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
Skills Programs/Value Added Certificates PGDM Global PGDM SAP MBA BASE MBA MBA-IB
Number of Subjects 48 48 32 (+upto 8 VAP) 32 28 (+upto 4 VAP)
Foreign Tour to Dubai/Singapore/Hongkong/Istanbul or any other South East Asian Country (1 Week) Included in above cost Not Included Optional @ Rs. 60,000/- Not included Ist year: 1 week Mandatory International Tour at additional fees Rs.60,000/-
Out station Tour to Mumbai/Goa Not Included Included in Tuition Fees Optional @ Rs. 12,500/- Not included Not included
SAP Navigation Included Included Included Not included Not included
SAP Consultant Modules Included Included Optional @ Rs. 40,000/- Not included Not included
1 week certificate program at Top IIMs or International University (along with Foreign Trip) Included Not Included Not Applicable Not Applicable Optional in 2nd year- program fees Rs.80,000
International Online Credit Courses/Certificates Upto 4 courses fully online with Certificates Upto 4 courses fully online with Certificates Upto 2 courses on blended learning mode Not included Upto 2 courses on blended learning mode
Certification on Artificial Intelligence Included Included Included Not included Not included
Six Sigma Green Belt Included Included Included Not included Not included
French Classes/Business English Included Included Included Not included Included
Business Analytics using Python/R/Rapidminer Included Included Included Not included Included
Risk Management (III Certification)/International Logistics by CII Included Included Included Not included Included
Data analytics using Advanced Excel or Dashboards/Advanced Data presentation using Tableau Included Included Included Not included Not included
Certificate course on designing E-Commerce Platform Included Included Optional @ Rs.25,000/- Not included Included
NISM Certification Mutual Fund Included Included Included Not included Not included
NISM Derivative Certification Included as part of Finance curriculum Included as part of Finance curriculum Optional @ Rs.15,000/- for Finance Not included Included
NISM Certificate on Security Analyst Included as part of Finance curriculum Included as part of Finance curriculum Included for Finance Specialization Not included Included
Recruiter Certificate Program/LinkedIn Certificate Included as HR Curriculum Included as HR Curriculum Included for HR Specialization Not included Not included
Workshop on HR Statutory Compliance (PF, ESIC, Gratuity) on Government Portals Included as HR Curriculum Included as HR Curriculum Included for HR Specialization Optional @ Rs.15,000/- for HR Not included
Certificate on HR Analytics and Metrics Included as HR Curriculum Included as HR Curriculum Optional @ Rs.15,000/- for HR Optional @ Rs.15,000/- for HR Not included
Certification on Social Media Marketing Included as part of Marketing curriculum Included for Marketing Included for Marketing Not included Not included
Marketing of Luxury Brands/Retail/Political Marketing Included as part of Marketing curriculum Included as part of Marketing curriculum Included for Marketing Specialization Optional @ Rs.15,000/- for Marketing Included
Computerised Accounting Tally-9.0 Included Included Included Not included Not included
Art of Living Youth Program Included Included Included Not Applicable Not included
Out station Industrial Tour Included Included Included Not included Included
Placements 5* Mid-level Manager/ Functional Expert/ Consultant Entry Level 5* Mid-level Manager/ Functional Expert/ Consultant Entry Level 4* Entry Level Managerial/ Domain Trained 3* Entry Managerial Level Positions Prior experience gets higher level managerial positions as well Positions in Export Houses & International Logistics Firms

Note: It is advised to all students that PGDM is a fast track course and requires continous work outside the classroom hours as well. Whereas some students of MBA+BASE also find the additional certificate courses stressful. Hence students need to understand their capacity before applying for these courses. Institute reserves the right to offer BASE++ program only to the selected students after evaluating their capacity on the basis of previous marks and skills. The decision of the institute will be final.

BASE: Maximum number of value added programs which can be undertaken in BASE is 8 and not more than 3 in any semester available on first come basis on limited seats available in each certificate.

International Online Credit Course / Certificate

Choice of Additional Certificates from International Universities of Repute though Blended-Classroom &Online Teaching
In addition to the above students are exposed and certified through blended learning mode ofonline lectures** of faculties of international universities / industries curated by in-class tutorials and workshops.

Some of the courses being offered are:

  • High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork & Negotiation, Northwestern University
  • The Art of Negotiation, Universityof California
  • Marketing Analytics, Universityof Virginia
  • AI for Everyone,
  • Brand and Product Management, IE Business School
  • Learning How to Learn, University of California
  • High-Impact Business Writing, University of California
  • Introduction to Blockchain Technologies, INSEAD
  • Scaling Operations: Linking Strategy, Northwestern University
  • Corporate Finance: Measuring and Promoting Value Creation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Strategic Career Self-Management, The State University of New York xchange
  • Blockchain and Business: Applications and Implications, INSEAD
  • Strategic Management of Innovation, HEC Paris
  • Competitive Strategy, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München
  • Management Skills for International Business, University of London
  • Digital Media and Marketing Strategy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • FinTech Foundations and Overview, The Hongkong University of Science and Technology
  • Organizational Design and Management, HEC Paris
  • Leading Organizations, HEC Paris
  • Foundations of Strategic Business Analytic, ESSEC Business School
  • Design Thinking, University of Virginia

Students will have the option to choose upto 4 certificates through above program or similar program offered in future. Moreover 2-4 courses can be done on fully online mode – choosing from World’s best professors on top of the line new-age courses, which shall instil the way forward to self-learning and self- upgradation for lifelong learning and excellence.

  • *The bouquet of courses being delivered on Online/Blended Learning is dynamic in nature and can be changed frequently keeping the industry requirements, availability of resources, professors/content from the International universities/service providers.
  • **Courses / Certification may vary from course to course.
  • ***Powered by Coursera or any similar MOOC program
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