Campus Life

Manfest 2015

DBS organised its annual management festival, MANFEST 2015 on 27th & 28th February, 2015. As the motto suggests, Manfest provides a platform to the Management students of to share knowledge, compete together and celebrate the joy of winning.

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Dehradun Advantage

Studying at Dehradun

Located amidst beautiful valleys and hills, is the prestigious Doon Business School that promises world class education germane to the needs of current industry. Studying in Doon Business School in Dehradun ensures that students are provided with state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities amidst magnificent natural surroundings.

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Students Clubs & Committees

Student Clubs and its activities hold the most memorable time for students. Experience of a business school can never be restricted to academic and class room learning but rather goes beyond learning from books to all round development of students.

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Industrial Visits

We justify our tagline ‘Where the industry and academics amalgamate’. The campus being located in a strategic location with various industries in the vicinity, students are frequently taken for industrial visits. Guest Lectures from industry wizards are also conducted on an ongoing basis to keep the students abreast of the latest industry trends and various managerial practices followed by the organisations. All this lends not only knowledge that is academically restricted but gives them a practical exposure as well.

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Tours and Picnics

All students of PGDM & Others who opt for the international immersion program are taken Singapore, Dubai & Malaysia on one week immersion program. There the students are taken to leading educational institutions, Large financial corporations, trading hubs,docs area & exposed to the international working environment.

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Cultural Activities

Extra-curricular activities form an integral part of a student’s overall development in Doon Business School. Various activities are conducted from time to time to provide an opportunity to the budding talent to showcase it to the world. It provides a remarkable threshold to the students to groom themselves in all aspects and present their unique talent.

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