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Estimated Cost of MBA (2021-23)
at Doon Business School

Bank loan purpose only
Fee I Semester II Semester III Semester IV Semester
Admission Fees (Non Refundable) 35,000      
Tuition Fees 91,500 91,500 98,000 98,000
Career Development Cell,
Alumni Portal, Industrial
Visit, Soft Skills, Clubs
7,500 7,500 7,500 7,500
Security (Refundable)   10,000    
University Examination Fee 6,500 3,500 4,500 3,500
TOTAL 1,40,500 1,12,500 1,10,000 1,09,000
Student need to take up additional (1 of the 2) New-Age additional certificate program as under:
ACE (Choice of 1 certificate per sem.) 15,000   15,000  
ACE STAR (Choice of 2 certificate per sem.) 27,500   27,500  
Optional Additional Certificate:
SAP Navigation Module   15,000    
SAP Consultant Module/(FICO/MM/HR)     15,000  
1 Week Foreign Tour
(Mandatory for MBA-IB students only & Optional for MBA ACE STAR)
Domestic Tour to Mumbai (Optional)     30,000  
Charges for Uniform Dress Camp 8,800      
Book Bank Facility EET Library 4,500      

Certificate under ACE Building an E-Commerce Business Mutual Funds by NISM Data Analytics using Advanced Excel Derivative by NISM/Recruiters Certificate/Digital Marketing (for Finance/Marketing/HR)
Certificate under ACE STAR French Language, Building an E-Commerce Business Tally 9.0, Mutual Funds by NISM Tableau & Rapidminer, Advanced Excel HR Analytics/Use of Google Adwords/ Security Analyst Module by NISM, Derivative/ Recruiters Certificate/Digital Marketing (for Finance/Marketing/HR)

4th semester value added programs are delivered immediately after 3rd semester or if time permits during the 3rd semester itself to help getting the better placements.

*Institute reserves the right to change the certification under ACE or ACE STAR from time to time depending upon the skill set requirements in the industry.

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"In accordance with the latest Govt. guideline the institute authorities at Doon Business School Group decided to call off the GDPI Scheduled at different locations till 30th May 2020. All Enrolled candidates will be interviewed via Skype/Zoom (Online mode)".